Order fulfilment and the growing need for efficiency

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With e-commerce business soaring this year, the need for a seamless consumer experience has never been greater.

The number one area in which consumers demand efficiency is when it comes to order fulfilment. Fast and cost-effective order fulfilment has now become the make or break for e-commerce success and is a crucial stage within the customer journey.

Here we examine the evolving retail landscape and why consumers are increasingly prioritising efficient order fulfilment.

Convenience has become compulsory

E-commerce businesses have stepped up their game when it comes to consumer convenience and providing an enjoyable online experience. Brands have identified that ease and efficiency are vital when it comes to business growth.

A frustrating online experience is a guaranteed way to encourage consumers to abandon their carts, never to return to your website. There are numerous ways in which convenience can be offered to consumers, but undeniably fast delivery times has become the main priority.

E-commerce businesses recognising the need for consumer convenience has created substantial competition amongst online retailers. More brands prioritising an efficient service has instilled added pressure for other companies to step up their game. Consumers no longer tolerate a company that fails to offer a variety of delivery options and efficient order fulfilment.

With so many consumers now accustomed to convenience within e-commerce, this has significantly raised the bar when it comes to order fulfilment. As a result, it’s expected that businesses which do not comply are likely to fall by the wayside.

Increased consumer expectations

Whilst the standardisation of consumer convenience is positive for the customer journey, it brings about a fresh set of issues for e-commerce businesses. A rise in quality means that consumer expectations have now become substantially more heightened.

There was once a stage where an estimated shipping time of one week was acceptable. As e-commerce businesses continue their quest for consumer convenience, delivery times of more than one day are now deemed as unacceptable, and consumers will likely look elsewhere for a better offer.

The importance of fast delivery was highlighted in a report conducted by Digital Commerce 360. The report outlined how 39% of online consumers wished that retailers could deliver their online orders faster.

Providing a reasonably priced next day delivery option has now become the norm within today’s online retail climate. With so many online retailers recognising the need for speed when it comes to order fulfilment, consumers have developed the expectation that all businesses will offer fast delivery options.

All e-commerce businesses must ensure that they hit the mark when it comes to order fulfilment efficiency if they want to satisfy their customers and encourage repeat business.

The surge in consumer demand

E-commerce businesses have never been able to compete with physical stores when it comes to the same-day receipt of goods. COVID-19, however, placed new pressures onto online companies, further intensifying order fulfilment expectations.

Whilst online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years, COVID-19 created a significant surge in demand for e-commerce businesses. As consumers were unable to visit physical stores during the lockdown, the only place they could turn to was online retailers.

Many e-commerce businesses found that they were unable to fulfil orders with the new increase in demand efficiently. From a consumer perspective, there is nothing more frustrating than delayed orders and brands not meeting their stated delivery times. Falling short on order fulfilment is likely to result in dissatisfied customers, particularly in the middle of a pandemic.

The rise in demand, coupled with the increase in consumer expectations means it has never been more critical for businesses to deliver when it comes to efficient order fulfilment. Companies must ensure that they have the processes and technology in place to meet the requirements of their customers.

Efficient order fulfilment summary

The need for a frictionless customer journey has now become more critical than ever. Several factors within the retail landscape mean that efficient order fulfilment has become a key priority for consumers and brands looking for repeat business.

The need for efficient order fulfilment primarily comes down to the following reasons:

  • Offering a convenient service has become the norm for many retailers
  • With increased standards comes increased consumer expectations
  • Consumer demand has increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19


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