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It’s no secret that online shopping has experienced a substantial boost this year. With online consumer demand rapidly on the rise, a key priority for e-commerce brands is to ensure that customer orders are picked, packed and shipped as efficiently as possible.

For growing businesses looking to outsource their order fulfilment, it’s vital to choose a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider who can offer tailored logistics solutions.

At Pointbid, we are accustomed to dealing with a variety of e-commerce businesses in many sectors.

Take a look as we outline the different ways in which e-commerce brands can benefit from tailored order fulfilment solutions.

What types of e-commerce brands can benefit from outsourced order fulfilment?

Different brands offer different products and, as such, need a bespoke solution for order fulfilment. Whether it’s specialist packaging or specific product handling, here are just a few e-commerce brands that can benefit from 3PL providers.

Beauty fulfilment

There are multiple factors that beauty brands will be mindful of when it comes to the order fulfilment process. The storage of beauty products will be of particular concern, ensuring that a warehouse environment does not hinder the quality of the products.

Pointbid’s warehouses are secure, hygienic and fume-free to ensure that cosmetics and perfumes remain intact whilst in storage.

Supplement and vitamin fulfilment

Consumers always want their orders to be delivered as soon as possible. However, when it comes to healthcare-related products, it’s understandable that they would expect particularly efficient delivery.

At Pointbid, we can ensure same day dispatch providing orders are received before cut off times, meaning your customers can expect their items to be delivered promptly. We also operate seven days a week to provide consumers with the best possible customer service.

Food and drink fulfilment

The ultimate necessity when it comes to food and drink fulfilment is that all items are packed appropriately. There’s nothing worse than for your customers to receive damaged goods or leaky packages.

Pointbid offers a variety of packaging solutions to ensure that goods are packaged safely and will arrive damage-free to your customers.

Luxury fulfilment

When it comes to luxury fulfilment, aesthetics and quality are everything. Whether it’s jewellery, cosmetics or technology, e-commerce brands must choose a 3PL provider who can package items to meet the expectations of their intended market.

Allow your customers to receive their goods in quality, branded packaging every time, ensuring your brand maintains its luxurious reputation. Pointbid offers a range of bespoke packaging options to ensure that your customers receive the top-quality presentation they deserve.

Fashion fulfilment

During the pandemic, fashion items have been some of the most highly purchased online products. With so many clothing items flying off the warehouse shelves, fashion businesses must stay on top of stock quantities to keep up with consumer demand.

A key benefit for e-commerce fashion brands outsourcing their order fulfilment is that 3PL providers can efficiently keep track of inventory using online technology. This process significantly takes the stress away from your business when it comes to inventory management, as stock levels are automatically updated online.

This system also allows you to see what is selling well and what’s not, ensuring that your customers’ favourite items are always in stock.

Gardening fulfilment

Gardening businesses see a boom during the summer months, often seeing a surge in lawncare purchases. It’s all well and good for gardening businesses to outsource their order fulfilment when business is booming but what about the quieter months?

Pointbid logistics understands that every business is different and requires its unique strategy to suit its requirements. We can tailor a plan to meet the needs and seasonality of your business, offering a unique pricing model.

Homeware fulfilment

Homeware businesses offer a wide range of items that come in all shapes and sizes. The main concern when outsourcing homeware fulfilment is choosing a 3PL provider who can store and pack a small candle as well as a giant mirror!

Pointbid is accustomed to dealing with clients who offer a vast range of sizeable items. Whatever the size of your items, our warehouses have sufficient storage space for your goods and can ensure that they are safely delivered to your customers.

If you think that your e-commerce brand could benefit from Pointbid’s services, please give us a call on 0121 326 7368.

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