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Consumers have always valued a perfectly packaged product. Receiving a nicely organised, dent-free package, immediately gives a positive impression of your brand to the consumer. However, COVID-19 has seen an upsurge in brands offering bespoke packaging solutions, taking both design and sustainability to the next level.

Product packaging is no longer a matter of mere practicality. As lockdown saw a substantial rise in consumers turning to e-commerce businesses, many used this as an opportunity to purchase gifts to send to their loved ones. From luxury subscription boxes to customised gift wrapping to eco-friendly options, bespoke product packaging has become a significant priority for pandemic era shoppers.

As consumers re-prioritise the need for customisation, we discuss the many brand benefits of providing specialist bespoke product packaging.

Enhance your consumer experience

Packaging has now become more complex than simply a means of keeping a product safe in transit. With an increase in the sending and receiving of gifts amid COVID-19, consumers expect more from their product packaging.

Consumers now crave a ‘special’ experience in every aspect of retail, whether it be in a physical store or an e-commerce business. Just as a store with a sleek, modern interior will delight consumers and create a pleasant experience, so does a delivered product with aesthetically pleasing packaging design. Impeccable packaging is the perfect way to please your consumers and ultimately, shows that you, as a brand truly cares about your product.

Bespoke packaging instantly makes your product look and feel special, adding that extra unique edge to the overall consumer experience. As a result, consumers who receive a perfectly packaged product are significantly more likely to remember your brand over those who deliver in a plain, flimsy cardboard box.

Turn consumers into brand ambassadors

When a consumer is involved in a unique brand experience, the first thing they are likely to do is to share on social media. Beautifully bespoke packaging is the perfect way to encourage user-generated content and further promote your brand.

Social media users love to reveal their exceptional, extravagant and eccentric experiences with their following. It’s often a chance for users to evidence that they are involved in the latest trends. Whether it’s an immaculately presented plate of food or a visually exciting package design, most likely they will want their friends to know all about it.

A brand that delivers products uniquely or luxuriously is much more likely to have consumers share products without even being asked. Think of your consumers as voluntary brand ambassadors with the ability to generate further brand engagement.

Bespoke packaging is a simple yet easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors and encourages your consumers to place your brand in front of their network willingly.

Give choice to your consumers

Everyone loves options, particularly in a retail scenario. No one likes to feel excluded or that a brand does not cater to their needs. Your consumers are likely to have a range of priorities and values, which could determine how they want their product to be packaged.

It can, therefore, be profitable for your brand to offer a range of bespoke packaging options which align with the individual needs of your consumers.

Whilst some may favour visually striking packaging, many consumers are equally concerned with the issue of sustainability. Providing bespoke packaging options allows your brand to cater to the variety of consumers within your market thoroughly.

Bespoke packaging, which offers ethically sourced materials, is also an ideal way to evidence your brand morals. With consumers increasingly more aware of eco-friendly products and services, sustainability is now a deal-breaker for many.

Benefits of bespoke product packaging summary

The ability for a brand to provide options and create a unique experience through bespoke packaging is invaluable. Custom packaging can help your brand:

  • Delight consumers by delivering an exceptional brand experience
  • Encourage your consumers to share your brand via social media voluntarily
  • Meet the individual needs of your consumers by providing a variety of options

Brand product packaging has become much more than a simple cardboard box. It can be a tool to create brand individuality and a means of allowing yourself to become more memorable to your market.

If you believe your brand could benefit from bespoke packaging solutions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0121 326 7368, to discuss your order fulfilment needs, or Contact us using the form below


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