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A fulfilment warehouse serves as a central hub for all logistics processes needed to get a product from the seller to the consumer. The Fulfilment Warehouse handles the entire order fulfilment process, ranging from picking and packing the order for the business, processing the order on a system and shipping the order to its final destination, the customer. Stages of the order fulfilment process include the receipt of goods into the warehousestorage, the picking and packing of said goods and, finally, the safe delivery of the rights to the customer. It may sound straightforward, but the order fulfilment process can become quite time consuming for businesses. This is why many choose to outsource the process to a team of dedicated experts. Using a fulfilment service can save you time and allow you to focus on other priority areas of your business. Each stage of the process includes: The fulfilment process consists of the following:

Goods in

Your products are sent to the fulfilment centre or warehouse in which they are due to be stored.


When your goods are received, we are able to securely store them in the warehouse.

Pick and Pack

As soon as an order comes through, the team at the warehouse/fulfilment centre assemble all of your goods into one package. It’s worth noting that fulfilment companies like ourselves offer specialised packaging services to cater to individual customer requirements.


Couriers are often used to send parcels directly to the consumers’ homes. Choosing a company that operates seven days a week and work with couriers who accept same day dispatch, late cut-offs and collections guarantees that your customers will receive their orders promptly.


The return process is when unwanted goods, for reasons often relating to quality & damages are returned back to the warehouse. Choosing a company that offers a returns management service can help provide a smooth transition when it comes to returned goods. At Pointbid, our returns labels, top quality carriers and re-packaging service make the returns process as stress-free as possible.

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We house your stock safely in our fulfilment centre. Keep an eye on your inventory levels with our information portal, and have peace of mind that orders will reach customers around the world as quickly as possible.