E-commerce Fulfilment Services

The number one area in which consumers demand efficiency is when it comes to e-commerce fulfilment services. Fast and cost-effective order fulfilment has now become the make or break for e-commerce success and is a crucial stage within the customer journey.

All e-commerce businesses must ensure that they hit the mark when it comes to e-commerce fulfilment services efficiency if they want to satisfy their customers and encourage repeat business.

The need for a frictionless customer journey has now become more critical than ever. Several factors within the retail landscape mean that efficient order fulfilment has become a key priority for consumers and brands looking for repeat business.

The need for efficient order fulfilment primarily comes down to the following reasons:

  • Offering a convenient service has become the norm for many retailers
  • With increased standards comes increased consumer expectations
  • Consumer demand has increased dramatically as a result of COVID-19

What is E-Commerce Fulfilment?

Outsourced order fulfilment is the process of instructing a 3rd party company to handle all of your receiving, picking & packing and delivering of online orders to your customers. Businesses, such as ourselves, that handle your e-commerce fulfilment are often referred to as third-party logistics providers, fulfilment houses or fulfilment centres. Generally, the flow of outsourced order fulfilment will look like the following:

1. Storage of Goods

2. Integration

3. Picking & Packing

4. Shipping

5. Returns

Returns are handled by the fulfilment centre as per your instructions. Unwanted items can be put back into storage, damaged items can be returned to you, for example.

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