How to optimise your product pages to increase conversions

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Product pages are some of the most significant within an online store. It’s where your customers go to thoroughly assess your items and decide whether they want to make a purchase. That being said, many e-commerce businesses often neglect their product pages, and the result can be incredibly damaging for sales.

Product pages are often overlooked as many online stores prioritise the checkout page and landing pages, which are also crucial to the customer experience. That being said, if your product pages are not fully optimised with the customer in mind, your online store is unlikely to see an increase in conversions.

Why are product pages so important?

The sole purpose of product pages is to illustrate how individual items will fulfil customers’ needs and pain points to encourage a buying decision. Product pages must have clear, professional images as well as detailed descriptions to provide as much detail as possible to prospective buyers. However, to increase conversions, multiple factors must be considered when putting together your product pages.

How can I improve my product pages?

Product pages are much more than just pretty pictures and descriptions. If e-commerce businesses want to see increased conversion rates, they must get into the mind of their consumers.

Grab attention immediately

Today’s consumers have very short attention spans and, if the benefits of your product are not revealed clearly and immediately, they are likely to bounce. As a result, online stores must use attractive, eye-catching images with snappy descriptions that immediately provide consumers with reasons to buy the product. When crafting effective product pages, the key is not to leave consumers in suspense when it comes to product benefits.

Address customer pain points

When writing your product descriptions, it’s essential to write compelling copy that addresses the customer’s concerns. E-commerce businesses must, therefore, consider consumer psychology and understand what their pain points are and how their products will alleviate these issues and concerns. When writing product copy, the central point to consider is to answer how your products will add value to a customer’s life.

Clear calls to action

Including a call to action may seem like a self-evident aspect of a product page, but it can be easy to become so concerned with all the other elements that you forget about the obvious. Displaying a clear add to cart or buy now button will quickly guide your customers to the next stage of the buying process. It’s vital to ensure that your buttons are not too obstructive and are a suitable size for users to click when browsing on mobile.

Live chat option

Displaying a live chat option on your product pages is an excellent way of reassuring customers as they can see that they have instant access to a support channel should they need it. In today’s retail landscape, consumers want answers to their questions quickly and enabling a live chat function can allow them to make fast and informed decisions on their purchases.

Include videos

It’s one thing to provide eye-catching and professional photos of products on your online store, but videos and GIFs can elevate the customer experience. The most significant setback of buying online is that customers cannot touch and see products first-hand. Therefore, using as many visual options as possible will allow customers to get an authentic feel for the products and encourage them to make a purchase. Videos allow customers to see products from different angles and how the product fits and moves.

Customer testimonials

Research has shown that 95% of consumers read product reviews before making a buying decision. Therefore, displaying customer reviews and testimonials on your product pages can be highly beneficial for increasing sales. A string of positive reviews helps provide social proof and builds consumer confidence as customers can see that others trust your product. Additionally, customers can see whether the product is fit for purpose and what they are looking for via the reviews.

Social proof

If a particular organisation has endorsed your products, it’s always beneficial to include the relevant logos on your page. These logos also help build consumer confidence and alleviate concerns, seeing that your products have been given a seal of approval by a registered organisation, verifying aspects such as safety and authenticity.

Keep it simple

Whilst it’s useful for online stores to include relevant offers on their products pages and introduce related products which customers may find interesting, it’s vital to use this only if appropriate. A bombardment of offers and products can cram your product pages and provide an intrusive customer experience. The aim is to ensure buyers are focused on the product in question with minimal featured products and offers to prevent overcrowding the space.

Provide options for out of stock items

It can be very disappointing for customers to discover that the perfect item they discovered is out of stock or no longer available. Rather than simply leaving the customer disappointed, it’s helpful to provide them with other options. Perhaps they can register to receive notifications once the items come back in stock. This method is an excellent way of retaining potential customers and bringing them back to your website.

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