As we are now coming close to the end of the transition period of an European Union exit, (1st January 2021) the EU may begin to treat UK imports as it does non-EU imports today.

We want to share some information we are starting to receive from our shipping partners to give a clearer picture of how this will work in practice.

The UK will be in the same position as a country who doesn’t have a trade agreement with the EU, those countries trade with the EU on WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms.

This means that all items will need to be declared with :

  • Customs Declarations (either a CN23 or Commercial Invoice)

And\Or :

  • Electronic Customs Data

It is also possible that the recipient of the goods if items are Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) will have to pay locally :

  • Customs clearance fees

Duties are based on the commodity type and volume but will broadly fall under the below :

For commercial goods up to €22

  • No VAT or duties applied
  • The Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) threshold for commercial goods remains until 1st July 2021

For commercial goods over €22

  • Local VAT applied
  • Goods over €150 may attract duties

The team at Pointbid are already well experienced with this process, as we ship goods globally outside of the EU under those existing WTO terms. We handle all commercial data, TariffCode and CountryOfOrigin into the system and submit this electronically to our carrier partners.

It is likely that existing carrier pricing to the EU and transit time will change when this happens due to the following :

  • Goods will now enter EU countries via different routing, this will likely mean expense on the carriers behalf.
  • The customs element of shipping will likely attract a surcharge for the associated costs of clearance

While price changes have not yet been published it is expected customs surcharge will be between £2.50 and £3.50.


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